The Dive Life Zanzibar Team is specialized in organizing your days on the island in a way you can discover and enjoy the best land and water experiences.

Discover Zanzibar
with us

From the moment you arrive in Zanzibar we will be by your side. Transfers from the airport. Transfers from the hotel to the diving center. Transport for visits and excursions. Our Travel team is your trusted guide to help you find the activities you envisioned before visiting the island;, all based, of course, on your likes and needs. Our local staff will be the guidance you need on your travels, excursions and visits during your holidays.


5 or 7 day Holiday Packs. Let us reccommend you the best ativites to go deep into Zanzibar.

All-inclusive in experiences, catering, ccommodation and transfers. 


Visite the capital, Stone Town, guided by our local tour guides, nature excursions, quad driving in the rain forest, discover indigenous villages, touring in local vessels, the route of the spices, cultural event, and parties on the beach.


We can offer you different types and levels of lodging, which you can also combine in the days that you are on the island.

From the qualities of Zanbluu Beach Hotel, which is a 5-minute walk on the beach to the attractive apartments.


Add to your holiday pack an excursion to the continent to visit a national park. Make the most of your days on the continent to live the experience of a safari.


A diving center which stands out for quality and exclusivity in its services and customer satisfaction.  We work for your under-water exerience on Zanzíbar while setting standards of comfort, safety and satisfaction from the moment you decide to dive with us.


Please do not hesitate to ask anything you need to know.

We will answer all your questions the clearest and fastest way possible


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